Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shoe Haul

I  recently went shopping and did a massive haul but i thought i would split the sections up rather than you all having to look through masses and masses of photos :) arent i kind.

These floral high tops are a beautiful duck egg blue bass colour with pink/red flowers allover them, they come up past my ankle and look great with lycra leggings or jeggings. i bought them from Ebay but they were brand new and originally from Mango. They are a size 5 and fit nicely with fluffy socks, they were originally £39.99 but on ebay they were just under £10 including p+p 
I bought these topshop boots the other day from Medowhall, they are what i explain as a Poahontas style and i cant wait to wear them with black tights and little dresses :) They were in the sale for £10 and i couldnt resist, im slightly gutted because it says on the bottom of the shoes "not to be worn excessivly outdoors" and i can't bare to think of these shoes falling apart.

You can see the beaded detail on this photo ... all for a tenner, i nearly fainted!

I adore these shoes, they were from Primark and reduced down from £6 to £3, i couldn't belive it when i read the label. They are a light duck egg blue colour, much lighter than the trainers and they lace up around the leg/ankle. They look stunning with dresses and skin coloured tights or even jeans and i am so glad i found these :)
Finally the last pair of shoes are from George at Asda, they are clear with silver sparkles and the inside has a cute pastel design, they should have been £6 but I got them for £3. they are from the kids section and I would point out that they are really narrow, thats fine for me because I have tiny feet but if you have wide feet I would say not to even bother trying them on. :) I bought these for next year incase I go on holiday, to wear in the sea, for £3 it wont really matter if they get spoiled!
Im going to make 2 more posts, one for clothing and one for cosmetics and accesories so watch out for those, thankyou for reading


  1. Ciao Bella,

    Your blog is very nice, I love the moccasins... and also the photo below with you and the red hair... amazing red hair... you look beautiful.

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