Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Life in 8 Photo's ♥

I found this tag on zoella's blog and thought it was a really good idea so i got started, i tried to pick photos for different parts of my life so that you all can get to know me more :) join in with the tag.

My Dad, Brother and me on our visit to Lapland.

Performing Fame (when i had brown hair)

Me, My Friend's Lauren and Cam.  This photo was taken back in year 10 at school i belive, we went to pizza hut for a friends birthday.

playing Nancy in Oliver
End of year Prom, Group shot. One of the best nights of my life.

Pre Drinks before going in town for my Birthday

Everyone At the castle after nannan's suprise 70th (the morning after)

Doing what i do best, getting drunk and having fun

Hope you enjoy my pictures, comment me a link to your version of this tag or any other tags you want me to do

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