Monday, 15 August 2011

First Impressions of my New Obession ♥

Sorry about the lack of posting recently but Im trying to get back into the swing of posting.

The other day my Mum  came home with a reciebt with a massive smile on her face, I didnt really know what was wrong with her. Not that she dosent smile often, she just dosent normally do it over pieces of paper. Anyway Megan cut to the case right ? Basically the reciebt was also a voucher for The Body Shop, if you spent £25 you got £10 off. An amazing deal .. your getting £10 worth of free products.
I was super excited because in everyones July favorites videos atm they seem to be featuring Body Butters.
My Mum needed to re perchase her everyday concealer so i decided to get a body butter.
When I got into The Body Shop I nearly died with delight when I found out it was 2 body butters for £15 when the rrp is £12.50 EACH!!!!!!!!! I Perchased the strawberry one and also the purple duo body butter.

I will do a full review of these body butters when i get more but i really wanted to tell you all  about the FAB offer! They are handing out the recibt offer things so its worth nipping in to get one, I think you have to perchase something to get the voucher but you could just buy a mini lip balm or something like that! Hope you all find something fabulous and take advantage of this offer. Let me know in the comments if you buy anything and what you get because I have another voucher and want to get something else.

 Much Love Megan ♥♥♥

Monday, 18 July 2011

Clothing Haul ♥

The rest of the things i picked up the other day, the clothing part  ♥

H&M Floral Oversize crop top, £3 in the sale, looks great over the top of a maxi dress or with denim shorts  ♥

 This dress is super cute, you can tell from the picture on the right that the print on the top is like tiny daisys all over it, the bottom looks like an A line denim skirt.I bought this dress from Debehams but its from the "H" by Henry Holland collection (the collection is easy to find because of the bright Violet hangers) I wore this dress the other day so I dont have the tag, I think it cost around £8 in the sale and it looks fab with a tan belt on the waist  ♥

 I also bought a two pack of pjama bottoms from primark, they are a light cotton so would be great if we got a summer. you can see by the two pictures one is a small floral pattern and the other is striped. They were £2 for both of them  ♥

This is the thing im most excited about, im planning on wearing this pretty much everyday at Leeds fest just sitting round a campfire or something. Its a poncho and was reduced from £24.99 down to ... £7 :O I nearly died of shock when I got to the till. Im planning on wearing this with pretty much everything so im glad its a neautral colour not something too bright and in your face  ♥

This picture dosent really do this skirt justice, i'll be sure to post a picture of how i style this piece. i bought it for work but i also wear it with fringed T-Shirts and other items. It's a beautiful pleated effect and sits under the bust (extremely high waisted) it sits just before my knee so its a really classy length. It was from the "Red Herring" range in Debenhams but was in the sale for £12.50 .. Whatta buy!  ♥

This is just a loose oversized top from the topshop sale, it cost me £10 and has a faded effect so it starts bright pink stripes and fades out when you get to the bottom to near enough nothing! it looks great with leggings and denim shorts when its warm enough  ♥

This dress screams my fashion sence and personality, I love floral and bird's so when I spotted this lurking in Newlook sale and saw that it was my size I had to have it.It can be dressed up and down and despite the loud print I think it's quite wearable. This is another item that I couldn't belive my luck when I looked at the label ... £7 for this beauty, I wish I could have got a backup  ♥

This is the last thing in my haul, these PJ bottoms are from the mens section in Primark, I don't normally look in that section but we were looking for things to get my brother for his holiday and I spotted these bad boys! They are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bottoms, I love the stunning aqua colour and they are so cosy, they are a little big for me but I took them into my ugg style slippers anyway because Im ALWAYS cold!  ♥

Thankyou for reading, another haul coming soon, comment for ideas or any product reviews you would like to see, much love Megan  ♥ 

Cosmetics and Acessories Haul ♥

More things from the same haul as the other day, this is mostly cosmetics, hair stuf e.t.c  Ive also included the few acessories I picked up rather than making a seperate post for them :)

The First two things i bought were these Barry M nail paints, They are easy to apply and have a smooth application thats just two reasons why i love these polishes The purple one is called Indigo (at least i think it is) and although it looks a purple colour in the bottle, when applied it looks like an electric blue ( just like the one ive been looking for from H&M ) The yellow one is called Lemon and you can see how it looks on the nails on the photo further down of my new rings. Both are stunning colours and I think I will wear the Blue one even in winter with it being a dark colour.  ♥

Im actually really mad I bought this mascara when I did because I went into boots the other day ( once I had already bought it to find that now, when you buy the mascara you get a free gel eyeliner :/ grrrrrr. Anyways, the FALSIFEYE mascara is super cheap, I think it cost about £8 or something like that and it is super buildable which is perfect for me. I can use it for work to give me a natural look and then also build it up for a night out without having to wear falsies. All in all I think you should try out this mascara, it was well worth the money and does wonders for my lashes ♥

I love this face powder and its a product I re perchase again and again, the main reason I like it is the price its just £1.99 and gets the job done. I bought it in the colour cool and it suits most poeple with pale skin like myself ♥

I saw this a couple of weeks ago in Claires acessories (a childrens/young fashion jewellry shop) and I really liked it, they also had the same gnome style in a larger bag that would have been perfect for Leeds Fest. However, I decided not to get either of them and left it until the week after when I caved and went in to buy both. They had sold out of the large one but I snapped up the smaller one for just £2.50 on sale ♥
I bought the mini versions of this shampoo so that I could try them out before buying the big size.I think they were around £1.30 each.I got the shampoo and conditioner both in the colour protect range. I've been looking for a new shampoo because the one I was using "John Frieda" for red hair was making my hair turn bright pink ... not a good look when you want it to look red. So far so good, ill do a review on how these work after a couple more washes  ♥

Now onto the acessories
These Topshop earings are super cute, they are real daisy's pressed into a plastic resin and I thought they would look great for the Festival style look.I snapped these up because they were the last pair in the sale for just £2 ♥

How Cute are These ... £1 from the kids section in Primark ( you cant really see in the picture but they are covered in gems too ) ♥
I also got these hair band's with an adorable pear print from Topshop Sale, they were just £1 each and have the turban/head scarf style and they look great with a bun on the top of my head ♥
You can see the "Lemon" nail paint on my nails here.
the anchor ring is from Aldo and cost £3.49 and the gold and turquoise ring was from Primark and cost £2.50  ♥

Thankyou for reading, more Hauls and Posts coming very soon ... Megan  ♥

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shoe Haul

I  recently went shopping and did a massive haul but i thought i would split the sections up rather than you all having to look through masses and masses of photos :) arent i kind.

These floral high tops are a beautiful duck egg blue bass colour with pink/red flowers allover them, they come up past my ankle and look great with lycra leggings or jeggings. i bought them from Ebay but they were brand new and originally from Mango. They are a size 5 and fit nicely with fluffy socks, they were originally £39.99 but on ebay they were just under £10 including p+p 
I bought these topshop boots the other day from Medowhall, they are what i explain as a Poahontas style and i cant wait to wear them with black tights and little dresses :) They were in the sale for £10 and i couldnt resist, im slightly gutted because it says on the bottom of the shoes "not to be worn excessivly outdoors" and i can't bare to think of these shoes falling apart.

You can see the beaded detail on this photo ... all for a tenner, i nearly fainted!

I adore these shoes, they were from Primark and reduced down from £6 to £3, i couldn't belive it when i read the label. They are a light duck egg blue colour, much lighter than the trainers and they lace up around the leg/ankle. They look stunning with dresses and skin coloured tights or even jeans and i am so glad i found these :)
Finally the last pair of shoes are from George at Asda, they are clear with silver sparkles and the inside has a cute pastel design, they should have been £6 but I got them for £3. they are from the kids section and I would point out that they are really narrow, thats fine for me because I have tiny feet but if you have wide feet I would say not to even bother trying them on. :) I bought these for next year incase I go on holiday, to wear in the sea, for £3 it wont really matter if they get spoiled!
Im going to make 2 more posts, one for clothing and one for cosmetics and accesories so watch out for those, thankyou for reading

My Life in 8 Photo's ♥

I found this tag on zoella's blog and thought it was a really good idea so i got started, i tried to pick photos for different parts of my life so that you all can get to know me more :) join in with the tag.

My Dad, Brother and me on our visit to Lapland.

Performing Fame (when i had brown hair)

Me, My Friend's Lauren and Cam.  This photo was taken back in year 10 at school i belive, we went to pizza hut for a friends birthday.

playing Nancy in Oliver
End of year Prom, Group shot. One of the best nights of my life.

Pre Drinks before going in town for my Birthday

Everyone At the castle after nannan's suprise 70th (the morning after)

Doing what i do best, getting drunk and having fun

Hope you enjoy my pictures, comment me a link to your version of this tag or any other tags you want me to do

Monday, 11 July 2011

My Makeup Story

I got this tag from a beauty blogger called Classy Dea when I stumbled across her blog by accident, as soon as I read her blog post I thought that I NEEDED to do this tag so here goes :)

♥  How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
i was in the middle of year 9 at school so 13 and a half ish mabee 14, although when i was about 11 or 12 i bought my first ever foundation from £1 land and used to put it on behind my friends garage because i wasnt allowd to wear it. when i first started wearing makeup i used to put it on light on a morning and then add more while i was at school and take it off on my way home from school.... come to think of it i was abit naught :/ wooopssss haha!

♥ How did you get into makeup? 
i started watching makeup videos on youtube and that was when i started learning about brands and things and different ways to apply products. when i first ever put on my makeup i took tips from my mum but now i know more than her it seems strange me giving her the tips!
i used to be obsessed with Panacea81, Xsparkage and Lollipop26 when i first started watching videos and i still watch them now sometimes!

♥ What are some of your favourite brands? 
Revlon (for the colourstay foundation  ♥), MAC, Benefit, BarryM, Soap and Glory, Natural Collection and Max Factor.

 What does make-up mean to you? 
makeup gives me the confidence that i can sometimes lack, it gives me an instant boost and makes me look COMPLEATELY different to how i do without it! i enjoy applying it and experimenting with different products and tecniques.
 If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Foundation ( Revlon Colourstay), Eyebrows (Benefit BrowZing), Mascara (Max Factor False Lash Effect) and Cheeks/Lips (Benifit's BeneTint)
 What is your favourite thing about makeup? 
My favourite thing about makeup is the confidence it gives you and the ways you can change your look to suit your mood or outfit.
 What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? 
dont feel like you have to have a massive collection of makeup straight away, get the products your interested in trying or that you feel you need. Dont just watch Youtube videos or read Blogg's and think you need to have a collection as big as that becuase thats not a normal amount of makeup to have. enjoy your own collection and have fun with makeup.
 What is one makeup trend you never understood? 
Concealer lips .. aka chapped, cracked, flakey looking lips and trust me, ive done it myself but learned from my mistakes. I have now realised I look 1000 times better with a coloured lip wether its a coral, red or a pink just give it a try and im sure you'll agree.
 Who is your style icon? 
Ferne Cotton, Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott.
Thanks for reading all, leave a comment of yourself doing this tag or a link for me to have a look at :) xxxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

all about getting red hair

Wherever i go people always seem to be asking me the same thing, not where is that ring from or ohh i like your Tshirt. but WOW how did you get your hair so bright, because thats all anyone ever seems to ask i though it might be a nice idea for my first ever blog post. how to get red hair. i plan to go through not only the products i used but also the application tecniques as they seem to have made a big difference to how my hair looks. 

my quest to red hair began before i saw every tom dick and harry appearing allover the place with red hair but when i awoke one morning deciding i wanted red hair. I didnt get the right away though, at first i was determined to get BRIGHT red hair without the bleach and eventually i gave in to the nasty chemical!

Here is a photo of before i tarted the whole process, i had long plain brown hair with a sweeping fringe ( you see in more up to date pictures that i dont have a sweeping fringe anymore, i just used this photo for quickness)

The next stage was when i was still determined not to use any bleach on my hair.
You can see in the picture on the left, my hair went from a deep brown to a plum red tone. To get this effect i used Live Colour XXL hair dye in the colour Real Red (that is now rather hard to get hold of due to the wonderfull Rhianna)
Although you could tell my hair was looking redder i still wanted my hair to be much more vibrant and brighter so i decided it was time to bite the bullet and put the bleach on my poor little head. I was super nervous about this because i have suffered from a severve allergic reaction to hair dye before after visiting my Salon ( made my head swell up) however i thought that aslong as i did a test strand all should be well :)

Here is the result of 2 applications of B Blonde Bleach
it comes in a box and is available from Superdrug and Boots, you get 4 sachets of powder bleach and then you have to buy bottles of creame peroxide seperately (they are usually next to the boxes anyway) they come in different volumes / strengths so make sure you get the strenth that you need for the colour of your hair already. I then applied a directions colourpot in the colour Poppy Red over the top (i normally need 1 and a half pots each time i dye my hair) and thats it. thats how i got REALLY BRIGHT, REALLY VIBRANT RED HAIR.

If you would like to see a follow up post on how i keep it this red, fading and root touch ups. also different products i use to keep my hair in good condition after all the bleaching then leave a comment and i will do it as soon as i can. my next post will proberly be a review on a hair product ive been using for some time now and really loving so keep a look out for that. Follow me if youve enjoyed this Blog Post.
All my love and Thanks For Reading ... Megan xxxx