Wednesday, 6 July 2011

all about getting red hair

Wherever i go people always seem to be asking me the same thing, not where is that ring from or ohh i like your Tshirt. but WOW how did you get your hair so bright, because thats all anyone ever seems to ask i though it might be a nice idea for my first ever blog post. how to get red hair. i plan to go through not only the products i used but also the application tecniques as they seem to have made a big difference to how my hair looks. 

my quest to red hair began before i saw every tom dick and harry appearing allover the place with red hair but when i awoke one morning deciding i wanted red hair. I didnt get the right away though, at first i was determined to get BRIGHT red hair without the bleach and eventually i gave in to the nasty chemical!

Here is a photo of before i tarted the whole process, i had long plain brown hair with a sweeping fringe ( you see in more up to date pictures that i dont have a sweeping fringe anymore, i just used this photo for quickness)

The next stage was when i was still determined not to use any bleach on my hair.
You can see in the picture on the left, my hair went from a deep brown to a plum red tone. To get this effect i used Live Colour XXL hair dye in the colour Real Red (that is now rather hard to get hold of due to the wonderfull Rhianna)
Although you could tell my hair was looking redder i still wanted my hair to be much more vibrant and brighter so i decided it was time to bite the bullet and put the bleach on my poor little head. I was super nervous about this because i have suffered from a severve allergic reaction to hair dye before after visiting my Salon ( made my head swell up) however i thought that aslong as i did a test strand all should be well :)

Here is the result of 2 applications of B Blonde Bleach
it comes in a box and is available from Superdrug and Boots, you get 4 sachets of powder bleach and then you have to buy bottles of creame peroxide seperately (they are usually next to the boxes anyway) they come in different volumes / strengths so make sure you get the strenth that you need for the colour of your hair already. I then applied a directions colourpot in the colour Poppy Red over the top (i normally need 1 and a half pots each time i dye my hair) and thats it. thats how i got REALLY BRIGHT, REALLY VIBRANT RED HAIR.

If you would like to see a follow up post on how i keep it this red, fading and root touch ups. also different products i use to keep my hair in good condition after all the bleaching then leave a comment and i will do it as soon as i can. my next post will proberly be a review on a hair product ive been using for some time now and really loving so keep a look out for that. Follow me if youve enjoyed this Blog Post.
All my love and Thanks For Reading ... Megan xxxx

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