Monday, 18 July 2011

Clothing Haul ♥

The rest of the things i picked up the other day, the clothing part  ♥

H&M Floral Oversize crop top, £3 in the sale, looks great over the top of a maxi dress or with denim shorts  ♥

 This dress is super cute, you can tell from the picture on the right that the print on the top is like tiny daisys all over it, the bottom looks like an A line denim skirt.I bought this dress from Debehams but its from the "H" by Henry Holland collection (the collection is easy to find because of the bright Violet hangers) I wore this dress the other day so I dont have the tag, I think it cost around £8 in the sale and it looks fab with a tan belt on the waist  ♥

 I also bought a two pack of pjama bottoms from primark, they are a light cotton so would be great if we got a summer. you can see by the two pictures one is a small floral pattern and the other is striped. They were £2 for both of them  ♥

This is the thing im most excited about, im planning on wearing this pretty much everyday at Leeds fest just sitting round a campfire or something. Its a poncho and was reduced from £24.99 down to ... £7 :O I nearly died of shock when I got to the till. Im planning on wearing this with pretty much everything so im glad its a neautral colour not something too bright and in your face  ♥

This picture dosent really do this skirt justice, i'll be sure to post a picture of how i style this piece. i bought it for work but i also wear it with fringed T-Shirts and other items. It's a beautiful pleated effect and sits under the bust (extremely high waisted) it sits just before my knee so its a really classy length. It was from the "Red Herring" range in Debenhams but was in the sale for £12.50 .. Whatta buy!  ♥

This is just a loose oversized top from the topshop sale, it cost me £10 and has a faded effect so it starts bright pink stripes and fades out when you get to the bottom to near enough nothing! it looks great with leggings and denim shorts when its warm enough  ♥

This dress screams my fashion sence and personality, I love floral and bird's so when I spotted this lurking in Newlook sale and saw that it was my size I had to have it.It can be dressed up and down and despite the loud print I think it's quite wearable. This is another item that I couldn't belive my luck when I looked at the label ... £7 for this beauty, I wish I could have got a backup  ♥

This is the last thing in my haul, these PJ bottoms are from the mens section in Primark, I don't normally look in that section but we were looking for things to get my brother for his holiday and I spotted these bad boys! They are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bottoms, I love the stunning aqua colour and they are so cosy, they are a little big for me but I took them into my ugg style slippers anyway because Im ALWAYS cold!  ♥

Thankyou for reading, another haul coming soon, comment for ideas or any product reviews you would like to see, much love Megan  ♥ 


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  3. LOVE them shorts!

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